Mastering Coffee Brewing: A Journey in Flavor

Embark on a flavor-filled adventure with our Mastering Coffee Brewing course. From novices to aficionados, discover the secrets behind brewing excellence, transforming your morning ritual into a sensory experience like no other.

Led by passionate experts, delve into brewing methods, grind sizes, and water temperatures, mastering the art and science of coffee craft. Through hands-on exploration, sharpen your senses to discern the subtle aromas and flavors, unlocking a world of coffee complexity.

With newfound skills and understanding, elevate your brew game to perfection. Join us and craft your own coffee masterpiece with confidence and flair.

Questions about Espresso Tasting?

1When is it?
Check the calendar in the link below
2Where does it happen?
At the Coffeelab in Via Frausin 3b, 34237, Trieste A worm and cozy environment to play and experiment with coffee tastes, flavors, preprarations, recipes....
3Who is teaching the class?
It's me, Bianca, if you want to know more about me, check the ABOUT section
4How long does it take?
2 h - approx
5Can I book for a friend?
Yes you can write it down in the notes
6How much is it?
You will pay in presence at the end of the experience, cash, card or paypal. 30 E/pp